Stormwater Engineering

Anderson Consulting Engineers routinely conducts projects involving all aspects of stormwater engineering and drainage infrastructure design.

Boxelder Creek Overflow Channel

South Loveland Outfall Complete

Remington St and Parker Ave Stormsewer Lateral Construction

Wilson Avenue Pipe Jacking

42in RCP Placement, South Loveland Stormsewer Project

Stormwater Engineering South Loveland Outfall 2-1980d Outfall 2-1980

Whether the project is a small, localized drainage enhancement, or a large regional flood control improvement, ACE has the expertise to conduct stormwater engineering design projects from the initial planning stages, through the alternative analysis and conceptual design phases, to the completion of final design. Previous stormwater engineering design projects completed by ACE include:

  • Storm sewer systems and inlets
  • Local and regional detention ponds
  • Water quality ponds
  • Road culvert crossings and bridges
  • Channel improvements that include grade control structures and stabilization measures
Stormwater Engineering

If desired by the client, ACE staff members are capable at providing inspection and management services during construction of a project. In addition, ACE has the experience to perform several aspects of general civil design, which include parking lots, municipal water lines, sanitary sewer systems, trails, pedestrian bridge crossings, roadway drainage, and 404-permitting.

Stormwater Engineering Remington St 1-1980

Stormwater engineering and civil design projects are typically complex and multi-faceted, requiring a breadth of technical expertise. Based on the needs for a particular project, ACE has the background to conduct a variety of hydrologic and hydraulic analyses using a wide range of modeling techniques as illustrated by our Technical Capabilities.

A great example of a multi-faceted stormwater engineering and civil design project completed by ACE is the Poudre River Whitewater Project. This project, which was formulated as part of the Poudre River Master Plan that was also completed by ACE, included flood mitigation, river stabilization, bank restoration, aquatic and terrestrial habitat improvements, recreational kayaking and boating features, trail and parking lot improvements, road improvements, and permitting. ACE staff also provided construction inspection, contractor submittal review and project management services during construction of the project.

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