Remington Storm Sewer Improvements

Manhole Placement at Parker St
Water Quality Vault Installation
Outfall to Spring Creek
Utilities bedding and backfill
Remington conflict manhole installation
Parker Street East Lateral
Parker Street West Lateral

Project Summary

The Remington Street Storm Sewer Outfall Improvement Project (RSO) involved the preliminary and final design of improvements to an existing storm sewer system in central Fort Collins. Stormwater collected by the RSO originates near the Colorado State University campus and is conveyed south to Spring Creek. The primary goals of this project were to reduce potential flood damage, increase public safety by alleviating stormwater ponding along roadways during storm events, and increase water quality of the stormwater being discharged to Spring Creek.


  • Client/Owner: City of Fort Collins
  • Project Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Approximate Project Cost: Approximately $2.5 Million
  • Project Completion Date: September 2020
  • Project Components:
    • Use of EPA-SWMM to develop hydrology for the 63-acre urbanized watershed and to hydraulically evaluate the proposed storm sewer improvements
    • Hydraulic evaluation of Spring Creek to justify a no-rise evaluation for the FEMA regulated waterway
    • Design of storm sewer improvements consisting of : 1100 ft (72″ RCP), 80 ft (54″ RCP), 550 ft (48″ RCP), 100 ft (42″ RCP), 20 ft (60″ x 38″ HERCP), 80 ft – (45″ x 29″ HERCP)
    • Design of 10 new inlets banks, including Type R and Type 13 Combination inlets
    • 1,300-feet of sanitary sewer replacement, including a parallel sewer system and a conflict manhole
    • Installation of a water quality vault near the outfall to Spring Creek
    • Procurement of a Nationwide 43 Permit that included a wetland delineation, threatened and endangered species survey, cultural survey, and the development of a wetland mitigation plan
    • Procurement of a Floodplain Use Permit from the City of Fort Collins
    • Construction services that included submittal review, responses to contractor RFIs, field engineering and conflict resolution, construction observation, and preparation of as-built construction drawings


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