Oxbow Levee Improvement Project

Levee Earthmoving

Mid-Project Drone Orthophotography

Post Construction Hydro-Seeding

Post Project Revegetation

Rip Rap Placement

Oxbow Levee- View West

Project Summary

The Oxbow Levee Improvement Project included the preliminary and final design of improvements to the Oxbow Levee along the Cache la Poudre River near downtown Fort Collins.  The project created improvements in the vicinity of the Oxbow Levee to ensure that freeboard requirements are satisfied.  Excavation and lowering of portions of the over bank between the levee and the river were conducted to increase conveyance and lower water surface elevations for the 1% annual chance flood event.  The top of the existing levee was also elevated at crucial locations.  The primary goals of the project were to mitigate flood risk and improve public safety through the recertification of the Oxbow Levee. 


  • Client/Owner: City of Fort Collins
  • Project Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Approximate Project Cost: $2 Million
  • Project Completion Date: April 2019
  • Project Components:
    • Hydraulic evaluation of Cache la Poudre River (both 1-D and 2-D)
    • Flood mitigation
    • Recreational trail connections
    • Permitting: CLOMR/LOMR
    • Construction services

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