Larimer County Rd 27 (Buckhorn Rd), Flood Recovery Project

County Rd 27 (Buckhorn Rd) Post-Flood Damage

County Rd 27 Post-Project (several years) Revegetation

County Rd 27 completed box culvert

Post Project Road Realignment

Post-Project Completed Bridge on County Rd 27

Project Summary

Larimer County Road 27 (LCR 27), also known as Buckhorn Road, crosses Buckhorn Creek numerous times in approximately 9.5 miles between Masonville, Colorado and the junction of Larimer County Road 27 and Larimer County Road 44H. Prior to the September 2013 Flood, Buckhorn Creek was served along LCR 27 by multiple bridge and large culvert installations through this area. During the flood one bridge was damaged, seven large culvert installations were lost, and damages to LCR 27 itself ranged from minor damage to completely destroyed in multiple locations along this reach.


  • Client/Owner: Larimer County Engineering
  • Project Location: Masonville, Colorado
  • Approximate Project Cost: $15 Million
  • Project Completion Date: September 2014
  • Project Components:
    • Completion of an indirect hydrologic evaluation of the September 2013 Flood, and evaluation of other available indirect hydrologic studies
    • Evaluation of existing condition FEMA hydrology for selection of design discharges
    • Repair of an existing bridge, and design of three new bridge structures within the lower reach of Buckhorn Creek to pass the 25-year discharge
    • Design of four new culvert crossings and an alternative LCR 27/Buckhorn Creek alignment through the Narrows that would separate Buckhorn Creek and the county road to a greater extent, and pass the 5-year discharge without inundation of the LCR 27 roadway
    • Restoration of the Buckhorn Creek channel and overbank, wherever possible, and stabilization of the toe; replacement of vegetation lost during the flood with native species of shrubs, trees, willows, and grasses to enhance riparian habitat and promote bio-stabilization
    • Design of erosion countermeasures for the repaired bridge crossing, the new bridge and culvert crossings, and new LCR 27 road embankment/Buckhorn Creek channel bank though the Narrows

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