Frederick Dacono Masterplan

Centennial Park Regional Pond

Godding Hollow Parkway Crossing

Tri-Town Basin

Study Area

Highway 52 Crossing

Project Summary

Anderson Consulting Engineers, Inc. was contracted by the Town of Frederick to prepare a stormwater Outfall System Plan (OSP) for the areas within the planning boundaries of the Town of Frederick and City of Dacono.  The OSP for the Frederick Dacono Masterplan is intended to update the I-25 Corridor Master Drainage Plan completed by ACE in 1999, and other previous master plan studies.  The current study includes all upstream watersheds, incorporating the recent hydrologic modeling and master planning completed for the Town of Erie. 

This OSP also includes adjacent basins not included in prior planning efforts.  In total, the Frederick-Dacono OSP involved the following drainage basins: (1) Tri-Town Basin; (2) Godding Hollow Basin; (3) Idaho Creek Basin; (4) Sump Basin; (5) Little Dry Creek Basin; and (6) the Boulder Creek Corridor.


  • Client/Owner: Town of Frederick and City of Dacono
  • Project Location: Frederick and Dacono, Colorado
  • Approximate Project Cost: $770,000
  • Project Completion Date: April 2022
  • Project Components:
    • Hydrologic evaluation of approximately 45 square miles of watersheds
    • Hydraulic evaluation of over 100 existing roadway crossing structures
    • Hydraulic evaluation of approximately 50 existing detention facilities
    • Hydrologic evaluation of fully developed conditions with conceptual detention
    • Formulation and evaluation of proposed alternative improvements
    • Selection and prioritization of a preferred plan of improvements
    • Development of cost estimates for the preferred plan if improvements
    • Capital improvement funding evaluation for each community
    • Development of an interactive StoryMap for public outreach
    • Development of an Outfall System Plan (OSP) report


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