Chestnut Drainage Improvement Project

Pond Outlet With Water Quality Component

Folkstone Park Pre Project

Folkstone Park Pre Project Aerial

Folkstone Park Pond Post Project

Pre Project 100yr Flood

Post Project 100yr Flood

Project Summary

The Chestnut drainage improvement project included the alternative analysis,  preliminary design, and final design of storm water improvements within Old Town Windsor.  This portion of the Town of Windsor is subject to relatively frequent flooding.  Improvements were identified in the Master Drainage Plan (completed by Anderson Consulting Engineers in 2003) to address these drainage issues for events up to and including the 10-year storm.  Proposed drainage improvements included as part of the Master Plan were formulated with the intent of reducing local flooding by optimizing existing and proposed detention facilities and installation of storm sewer and channel improvements.  


This project was initiated with a hydrologic investigation of the tributary watershed in order to determine design discharges.  An alternative evaluation was conducted to identify the most cost-effective approach to collecting stormwater generated within the basin.  A recommended alternative was presented, selected and carried forward into preliminary/final design.  ACE was responsible for all construction plans, technical specifications and contract documents.  In addition, ACE assisted the Town of Windsor with the bidding phase.

  • Client/Owner: Town of Windsor
  • Project Location: Windsor, Colorado
  • Project Completion Date: Ongoing
  • Project Components:
    • Providing detention storage of 12.9 acre-feet at Folkstone Park
    • Installation of over 830 linear feet of 48-inch RCP and more than 1,600 linear feet of 60-inch RCP to serve as the pond outfall
    • Channel improvements between Chestnut Street and Garden Drive
    • Crossing structure at Garden Drive
    • Realignment of the Kern Ditch
    • Relocation of six 6-inch PVC and one 10-inch PVC waterline
    • Approximately 4,300 square yards of asphalt replacement/patching

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