Boxelder Creek Improvements Project

Lake Canal Siphon and Boxelder Creek Overhead View

Boxelder Creek Overflow Channel

Prospect Road Bridge

Lake Canal Siphon and Channel Improvements

Boxelder Creek Upstream Channel Improvements

I-25 Box Culvert Improvements on Boxelder Creek

Project Summary

The primary goals of the five interrelated projects known collectively as the Boxelder Creek Improvements Project were to reduce flooding, road over topping, and improve irrigation delivery systems for the involved stakeholders. The projects extend along Boxelder Creek from the crossing of Mulberry Street to the south side of Prospect Road in Fort Collins, CO.  A specific objective of these projects was to both eliminate a flow split from Boxelder Creek, just upstream of I-25, and the overtopping of Prospect Road for storm events up to and including the 100-year. 


  • Client/Owner: City of Fort Collins
  • Project Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Approximate Project Cost: $6.6 Million
  • Project Completion Date: September 2016
  • Project Components:
    • Hydraulic modeling of the referenced reach of Boxelder Creek, including several split-flow reaches
    • Hydraulic modeling of the Lake Canal in the vicinity of Boxelder Creek
    • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
    • Formulation and hydraulic design of all listed drainage improvements
    • Final design associated with the cleanout/dredging of Boxelder Creek from Mulberry Street to just upstream of I-25
    • Final design associated with the removal of the concrete panels that existed over two of the four box culverts on Boxelder Creek, under I-25
    • Final design associated with an inverted siphon and associated structures for the Lake Canal crossing of Boxelder Creek
    • Final design of a 2,300 foot-long overflow channel to spill and convey excess stormwater away from Boxelder Creek, just north of Prospect Road
    • Final design of 6 – 12’W x 4’H x 112’L RCBCs along the overflow channel
    • Final design of a spillway from Boxelder Creek into the overflow channel
    • Final design of 2 – 14’W x 5’H x 135.2’L RCBCs to replace the existing crossing of Boxelder Creek and Prospect Road
    • Final design of approximately 900’ of Prospect Road (vertical curves, asphalt, drainage, striping)
    • Final design of “Urban Design” enhancements for the two stormwater crossings of Prospect Road
    • Vertical relocation of both a 27- and 30-inch Greeley water line under the overflow channel
    • Horizontal and vertical relocation of ELCO’s water transmission line to the north side of the Prospect Road related improvements
    • Relocation and encasement of the Boxelder Sanitation Sewer
    • Relocation of Light and Power using directional boring
    • Final design of an approximately 2,150 foot-long underdrain system
    • Resident Engineering services for the duration of the construction efforts
    • Hydraulic analyses in support of a floodplain use permit, no-rise permit, CLOMR and LOMR
    • Acquisition of both a Nationwide 3 and 43 Permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


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